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Leonardo LaBarre wrote up new research from Michelle Phelps and colleagues that finds that new offenses, not parole violations, make up the majority of prison populations.

Citings and Sightings

This time for something a little different, check out this comedic sketch by Jeff Steal featuring sociologist Cristobal Young discussing his work on the myth of millionaire tax flight.

Backstage with TSP

As a student board, we divide up responsibilities to make sure the work of The Society Pages gets done. One such responsibility is compiling a “media report” each week, noting where and how sociologists are cited in news coverage. We use this media report to help us understand how a broader public views sociology, to generate ideas for pieces, and much more. One benefit of our media reports that we’ve been especially grateful for lately is its focus on international news coverage. Board members S Ericson and Mallory Harrington have included international news publications that are often citing their local sociologists. This perspective helps us understand the diversity of sociology globally, and pushes us to think beyond the U.S. in our own coverage.

From the Archives

Tax Day is next Tuesday, check out this piece on social science research that helps us understand the complex role of taxes, highlighting their relationship with inequality, public opinion, and social control.

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For Council on Contemporary Families’ blog Nik M. Lampe wrote about their research on how trans and non-binary older adults dynamically managed their healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contexts’ blog spoke with Jennifer Randles about what she hopes readers get out of her recent Contexts piece on diaper need.

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