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Whether parents are less happy than adults with out kids varies by race and gender in surprising ways according to recent research from Jennifer Augustine and Mia Brantley written up for the site.

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Warmer weather have you in the mood for some spring cleaning? Read this archive piece rounding up research on the sociology of dust (?), the division of household labor, and why cleaning is a gendered task as you sweep out those winter cobwebs.

Backstage with TSP

This week Matthew Desmond visited the University of Minnesota to give a public talk on his new book Poverty, by America. Our Society Pages’ board packed a few rows at the very front of the auditorium. It was a fun opportunity to see how long-form sociological work is translated to a live public, especially as we had just read a few chapters of the book together. The presentation was engaging and rich with stories of real people, as is typical of Desmond’s work. We even snagged a few funny inscriptions during book signing time (which you can see above).

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Dawn Brancati wrote for Sociological Images on how pandemic lockdown measures actually reduced ISIS activity, removing crowd cover and public gatherings such as markets.

Ginevra Floridi wrote for Council on Contemporary Families’ blog on their new research finding that wealthier college-educated parents send more money to their young adult children as inequality increases, such as in the years following the Great Recession.

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