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The children of undocumented migrants pulled over by police experience both short and long-term emotional harm, fearing their parents detainment or deportation. Expanded access to driver’s licenses could change that according to new research from Robert Smith and colleagues written up by Leonardo LaBarre.

Worth a (Watch) Sociologically Speaking

Watch board member Jacob Otis’s roundup of research on the Child Tax Credit. As parents file their 2022 taxes, they won’t receive the expanded CTC despite evidence that it improved parent and child health.

From the Archives

This week Wellesley, a historically women’s college, voted against admitting any transgender or nonbinary students. For some social scientific context, read this archive piece summarizing research on how transgender policies at women’s colleges actively construct gender.

From Our Partner and Community Pages

Contexts spoke with Dr. Chiara Cooper about her new article in the magazine, exploring the double-binds, compromises, and unwanted sex heterosexual college women experience.

For Council on Contemporary Families’ blog, Marta Soler and Ane Lopez de Aguileta wrote about how the book Creative Friendships can help children learn friendship skills and develop values that support their wellbeing.

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