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In Japan the same help-seeking behavior that boosts mental wellbeing in the U.S. leads to decreased life satisfaction & less positive mood according to research from Verity Y. Q. Lua & colleagues written up for the site by Caroline Garland.

Worth a Read (Sociologically Speaking)

For the Conversation, sociologist Kelsy Burke and Tyler Lefevor examine how religion and political affiliation shape beliefs about transgender rights, focusing in on legislative developments in Utah.

Citings and Sightings

Listen to WBUR Boston speak with sociologist Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot on the challenges of transitioning into a “third act” of life without a cultural narrative to support the risk taking and reinvention necessary.

From the Archives

On Tuesday the Supreme Court hear arguments on student loan forgiveness, read this piece from Amber Joy Powell on racial and gender disparities in the burden of student debt.

More from Our Partner and Community Pages

For Council on Contemporary Families’ blog, Armin A. Dorri and Stephen T. Russell wrote about their new research showing that lesbian, gay, and bisexual people who have more internalized homophobic stigma desire children more but feel they are less likely to achieve parenthood.

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