(Clockwise from top left) A man sits in front of a document, cup of coffee, and laptop, his head resting in his hands; Father helping daughter with schoolwork; Art Shell, then head coach of the LA Raiders, reaching for a handshake; A Kaiser Permanente ad trumpets the organization’s involvement in 2017’s Washington, D.C. Capital TransPride celebration. Image attributions at the end of the this post.

New and Noteworthy

While the majority of National Football League players are Black, most head coaches are white. On the site, Marissa Kiss, Earl Smith, and Angela J. Hattery question why there as so few Black permanent head coaches when these same men are trusted to lead in the interim.

Worth a Read (Sociologically Speaking)

From our “Best of 2022” awards, Daniel Cueto-Villalobos summarizes social science research on emotion and precarity that puts interest in the “Great Resignation” into social contexts.

Citings and Sightings

Following Damar Hamlin’s collapse in last week’s Monday-night football game, socio-cultural anthropologist Tracie Canada wrote for Scientific American on the violence Black men experience in football, drawing on the work of sociologists Billy Hawkins and Harry Edwards.

From the Archives

Today it’s Friday the 13th! In honor, check out this piece from partner Sociological Images on how horror films show us our collective nightmares.

From our Partners and Community Pages

Richard J. Petts writes for Council on Contemporary Families’ blog on his research examining the gap between dads’ interest in being involved fathers and their actual contribution to domestic labor, arguing that we have to expect fully engaged dads to achieve gender equality.

Deni Mazrekaj writes for Contexts on the discrimination trans people face in the workplace and how we can work to combat this inequality.

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Image attribution (clockwise from top-left) “Computer Man Stressed Work” by Caio Triana is licensed under CC0; “Untitled” by ddimitrova is licensed under “Pixabay License“; “Art Shell in 2006” by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0; “2017.05.20 Capital TransPride Washington, DC USA 5177” by Ted Eytan is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.