Second verse, same as the first.

Yet Another Airport Post

This is becoming a frequent activity: writing the Friday Roundup from an airport. By my count, it’s at least the fourth I’ve written from a row of pleather seats. The wifi is spotty, the company is unpredictable, and my power cord frequently drops out of the not-so-conveniently-located power source tower. And yet, for this scaredy-cat, writing the Roundup is not only a great way to get my arms around what happens on our website each week—it’s become an excellent distraction from flight fears! Thus, on to the Roundup. No writing tips this week other than to write something today. Getting used to jotting down good phrases or dictating them into your iPhone for future use is a good way not to lose those fleeting treasures.

(Unpredicted awesome part of airport posting: my mate just showed up with a donut for me. That never happens at the office. Unpredicted crummy part of airport posting: 10:39am and a bachelorette party is fully drunk and cheering the boarding of their flight. Literally cheering. At least they’re not off to Detroit, like me.)

In Case You Missed It:

Juvenile Lifers, Learning to Lead,” by Michelle Inderbitzen, Trevor Walraven, and Joshua Cain. An educator and her students explore how long-time inmates navigate the transition to adulthood and into leadership roles, even as they remain incarcerated.

Citings & Sightings:

It Probably Wasn’t the Time of Your Life,” by Evan Stewart. Continuing his fine tradition of incorporating songs into social science, Stewart and Stephanie Coontz waltz down memory lane.

Graduates: The Pay Gap Starts Now,” by John Ziegler. Once thought to appear gradually as men and women’s life courses and careers diverge with detours like time-out for parenting, the pay gap is now known to start pretty much as soon as the work starts. The good news? This article claims the pay gap is down to $0.82 on the dollar, women to men. Cue the dancing!

Office Hours:

Jessica Holden Sherwood on Country Clubs,” with Kyle Green. Our latest podcast talks white privilege and the breeding grounds of the bourgoisie with a University of Rhode Island scholar.

A Few from the Community Pages:

Scholars Strategy Network:

How Targeted Deterrence Helps Police Reduce Gun Deaths,” by Michael Sierra-Arevalo. New police tactics hold hope for lower homicide rates across the U.S.

The New Deal and the Origins of Our Time,” by Ira Katznelson. How we continue to feel the effects of Roosevelt and Truman’s decisions, a quarter-century later.