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Before the YouTube comments section was disabled on Thursday, it was bombarded with remarks referencing Nazis, ‘troglodytes’ and ‘racial genocide’

Big Data fundamentalism — the idea with larger data sets, we get closer to objective truth

a political protest is a strategic game with multiple actors including a state which often wants to shut them down

the government failed to show the letters and the blanket non-disclosure policy ‘serve the compelling need of national security’

‘The New Digital Age’ is, beyond anything else, an attempt by Google to position itself as America’s geopolitical visionary

We believe state-sponsored attackers may be attempting to compromise your account or computer

Put everything together and what you have is a deep cultural clash between the value system on which Amazon runs and the value system behind fandom.

6 lines of JavaScript that write Doctor Who plots indistinguishable from the current series

Despite a deserved reputation for progressiveness, the tech sector is highly exclusionary to those who don’t fit the geek stereotype” 

The only thing that might say more about ourselves than the things we trade, is how we trade them.

In the name of the colony, drones / fertilize the queen with laser-guided missiles / and hyphenated identities

It’s equal parts truth & falsehood, ideology & art; it’s trauma, & the untidy recovery that comes after.

We watched as Kenya burned, as our compatriots tore each other apart; we took to the internet and interrogated our responsibilities as artists and writers.

neurocentrism—the view that human behavior can be best explained by looking solely or primarily at the brain

Unlike Pavlov’s Dog, however, my responses to the same stimuli were always variable, shifting with situational meanings.

visiting friends and relatives would gather together and read each others diaries as a way of keeping up to date and sharing their lives

Some people see Jesus in their toast but you know the only faces in that mix of frankenfood grains and commercial preservatives are Insulin Sensitivity Man and his sidekick, Hormonal Disruption Boy.”

So maybe I hate this goddamn band because I hate my goddamn self

Whitney Erin Boesel has just discovered that autocorrect wants to change her last name to “boneless.” She is also @phenatypical on Twitter. 







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