The Cyborgology Blog is seeking guest contributors from various academic disciplines.  Posts might summarize current research, analyze current events, review works of art, summarize a panel discussion, criticize recent literature, or offer theoretical insights in plain language. We will edit all contributions and cannot guarantee running all submissions.

Submissions can be various lengths depending on the scope, but always should be written for a general audience. This can include everything from the more academic to the personal to fiction. Have a look at some of the most read posts by our authors to get a sense of what goes over well with our audience:

Send your guest post as an MS Word document with hyperlinks inserted so that we can easily review it and provide comments / suggest edits. At the end of the text, please include a one-sentence, third-person bio in italics.  (We suggest that authors include a link to their personal website and Twitter handle here). Finally, place bracketed links inside the document to indicate the location of any pictures or video we might include in the post.

Please email the document to: Jenny Davis

Finally, we recommend that you upload a Gravatar so that your image is displayed along with any comments you make.