digital poetics has reignited artistic emphases on processorial, fragmented conceptualizations of literature

TED talks just to keep from looking at the cops

Real life isn’t lived in just the “digital” or “physical” realm. It’s actually an interplay between both realms

If we want to protect privacy, we should be more clear about why it is important

a trend emerged where visual anonymity led to less disclosiveness

Is documentary vision a new way of dreaming? Does it enmesh the “virtual” with the “physical”?

Novels about robots are still novels. Get over it

I’d rather be a cyborg than a romantic

we need to believe in a “second self” as a fantasy

Timeline creates an infographic of our lives

We don’t like cultural capital to be appropriated without authenticity

So, this week, the Theorizing the Web conference happened, which is why this roundup is a day late. Thanks everyone for coming, following, participating, donating, being awesome, and so on…

Also, Nicholas Carr, the author of The Shallows posted a critique of this blog’s critique of “digital dualism” on his Rough Type Blog.

The posts he took on are my coining of “digital dualism“, my IRL Fetish essay, and my recent refinement of the term, as well as David Banks’ post about his #TtW13 talk (note that the work by other authors of Cyborgology is left out).

I respondedDavid Banks respondedTyler Bickford respondedMichael Sacacas responded. More to come!

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