photo by nathan jurgenson

Image of the week is a photo Cyborgology editor Nathan Jurgenson took yesterday while visiting Marshall McLuhan’s Coach House at the University of Toronto. A former horse stable, this was the home of McLuhan’s research center and where he held his famous weekly seminars that attracted celebrities like John Lennon and Woody Allen. Many described the atmosphere as similar to Andy Warhol’s Factory.

This past week on Cyborgology…

Dave Strohecker critiqued Tom Morello’s new song as another example of the ‘manic pixie dream girl’ trope

David Banks reflected on the recent Society for the Social Studies of Science meetings in Cleveland

PJ writes a rich essay on Julian Assange’s politics and importantly distinguishes cyber-libertarianism from cyber-anarchism

David Banks is at it again, this time writing about panoptic surveillance at Occupy Wall Street as a panopitcon in the clouds and the crowds

Jenny Davis offers a theoretical review of the new film In Time, and inspires discussion in the comments

And Dave Strohecker wraps up the week with his take on the technology of social-movement tattooing as a new form of slacktivism