Todd Beer is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Lake Forest College, a wonderful liberal arts college north of Chicago.

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His research and teaching interests include globalization, social movements, Sub-Saharan Africa, climate change, environmental sociology, inequality, race and ethnicity, culture, and more. He loves teaching introduction to sociology and anthropology courses in particular because of the diversity of topics and the discovery of sociology by many incoming students. He is constantly trying to find ways to further the engagement of students and expand their learning.

This website is a way for him to share the ongoing collection of tools he discovers. We hope you find something useful here and adapt it to your particular students. His teaching is indebted to the ideas of many others and this is an effort to give back to the larger community of educators. We also recommend that you check out ASA’s TRAILS database for access to peer-reviewed activities, syllabi, and assessments, as well as the section on Teaching and Learning.



A manuscript of the above article is also available here.

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