is an amazing free resource for teachers (but I heard the editor of the site is a self-promoting blowhard). In all seriousness, I created SociologyInFocus to help you teach your classes. Think of the site as a timely sociology micro-reader. We use current events like the unrest in Egypt, the Trayvon Martin Verdict, and Anthony Wiener to illustrate sociological concepts for an intro level student audience. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to teach sociology as it happens.

Plus we make it easy to assign the articles to your students. Each article ends with four “Dig Deeper” questions that you can have your students answer either as extra credit or as supplemental reading. The four questions can also be used to start a great class discussion.

We are a team of dedicated teachers who want to help spread the ideas of sociology to as wide of an audience as possible. We’d be honored if you included our work in your classes. To make it as easy as possible we’ve created a special page just for teachers and launched a twice yearly teacher newsletter (subscribe today).

If you like SociologySource, I have no doubt that you will love .