As many of you know, I am the editor-in-chief of and we are looking for great writers and sociology teachers to join our team of authors. SociologyInFocus features articles written to a student audience that take current events, pop culture, or interesting tidbits of information and uses them to illustrate sociological concepts. Sociology teachers around the country use SociologyInFocus to start class discussions, to supplement class readings, or as assignments/extra credit (each article has 4 questions that students can answer).

Are you a sociology teacher who can write about sociology in ways that are fun, approachable, and interesting to a student audience? Then we want you to join our ranks. You can find more information and start the application process by going to


Will I Get Paid For My Work?

Yes. Authors are paid for all of the work published on SociologyInFocus.

How Often Would I Have To Publish?

We ask that authors publish at least once a month to be considered a permanent author.

Do You Accept Guest Posts? Can I Just Publish Every Now and Again?

Yes we do and yes you can. And you will be compensated for your guest posts. Feel free to send a post idea or manuscript to

I Have More Questions!

Please check out our application page ( for more information. You can also email me directly at