Just in time for the beginning of the fall semester, the ClassPack 2.0 is now available for members to download. The ClassPack features my lecture notes, lecture slides, activities, assignments, and music from SociologySounds.com. This outstanding teaching resource is completely free to all members.

Will It Work With My Text Book?

Because you have my detailed class lecture notes the ClassPack can be easily modified to fit any intro text. That said, this second edition of the ClassPack is influenced by and would work well with Society the Basics by John Macionis, You May Ask Yourself by Dalton Conley, and The Sociology Project by the NYU Sociology Department[1]. I have used the previous two texts with this ClassPack and intend to shift to The Sociology Project soon.

How Do I Download It?

To get the ClassPack all you need to do is log in as a member of SociologySource.com. Not a member yet? No sweat, sign up here to become a member.

More Features Coming Soon

The ClassPack is launching in Beta. That is, it’s still under development. I look forward to adding new features soon. Today, we are launching with lecture notes, doing sociology activities, extra credit assignments, and a music collection for each of the seven class modules. However, only the first two modules include lecture slides. I hope to add lecture slide decks over the course of the fall semester. If you want an email when new features become available, click here.

  1. This great intro text will be published later this year by Pearson. I’ve got an advanced peek at the book and it’s really great.  ↩