Hey everyone,
I’m sick and can’t muster the energy to write a full fledged post.  So instead I’m going to share with you my directions for a super easy extra credit opportunity.  Over at SociologyInFocus.com where, full discloser, I’m editor-in-chief we have a pile of awesome sociology articles that pair a sociological concept with a current event or personal anecdote.  Each article ends with 3-4 questions that ask your students to Dig Deeper and explore how the sociological concepts discussed in the article affect them and the world they live in.  You can think of SociologyInFocus.com as a sociology micro-reader or as I like to say, a sociology reader for the Twitter generation.
I’ve cooked up some simple directions that you can download here that ask students to briefly summarize the article, answer the questions, and print/turn it in.  Super easy.  Totally free.  Heck yeah!
Be back next week with 100% less cooties.