Announcing the Soc101 Class Pack 2.0

The Soc101 Class Pack has been a huge hit with more downloads than I could’ve imagined and it was covered by The Sociology Lens, and the Office Hours podcast. Because of all the success I’ve decided to double down on the Soc101 Class Pack adding more features, all new content, and a whole lot more support for you. The Soc101 Class Pack 2.0 will launch this summer and as always it will be completely free. I will have many more details about class pack 2.0 in the coming months.

Today, I want to announce the first detail. The Soc101 Class Pack 2.0 will use Dalton Conley’s intro textbook You May Ask Yourself. I read at least 15 intro textbooks and can safely say that Conley’s is the best text for this project. Conley’s irreverent style and use of pop culture to explain sociological concepts is extremely effective and the text’s price (around $60) literally can’t be beat. While I could tell you more about it, why don’t I let Dalton speak for himself. I had the pleasure of interviewing Dalton and I asked him about how he teaches intro to sociology and how he sees You May Ask Yourself supporting good teaching.

To download right click here and select “save file as”