Discussion of gender bending and transgender children on The View:[youtube][/youtube] 

I LOVE this image. It’s a fashion spread.

Who’s taking care of those little tow-headed boys behind the white picket fence when both mommy and daddy go to work?

I use this picture to talk about the way in which middle- and upper-class women are “getting equal” with men by transferring their caretaking responsibilities to less privileged women… who are, as in this ad, invisible.

Power as cleaning products (note the appropriation of Rosie the Riveter):

Power as a flippy skirt and cute glasses (the text: “That flippy skirt backs up your girl power, do your glasses?”):

Power as beauty:

NEW! Nuvaring is a flexible ring that women place around their cervix once a month (image found here).  It slowly releases hormones that prevent ovulation.  “Let Freedom Ring!”


ALSO NEW! Need to compete with those men in their “power ties,” have some “power panties”:


NEW! (July ’10): Robb S. sent in another use of Rosie the Riveter by a “green” housecleaning service called Maid to Clean. No, seriously; Rose the Riveter, the icon of women’s contribution to the World War II war industry, was “maid to clean”:

I found this article in a parenting magazine. It suggests ways for dads to help their kids learn skills; all of these methods are sports-related. The kids shown are both boys and girls, but I think it’s interesting that since it’s advice for dads, everything has to be put in terms of sports; I don’t think you’d see similar advice for moms. I suppose it is good that the article assumes that men do household chores, though.

Here are some examples: Laundry-Basket Rebound (practice tossing laundry into a basket), Toddler Free Throw (for unpacking groceries), Bowling for Brainpower.