A collection of conversations on research methods in action designed to demystify how we know what we ‘know’.

The Give Methods a Chance book

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Give Methods a Chance offers a unique multimedia introduction to research methods. This volume, which builds on podcast interviews available at TheSocietyPages.org, introduces readers to some of the most creative, exciting, and influential researchers in sociology. These stories from the field are designed to demystify the research process and show how methods are put into action. The text and complementary podcasts offer a distinctive, first-person window into how sociologists generate knowledge: the fun, the headaches, the workarounds, and the care and passion needed to get things right.

Sarah Lageson PhD, is an Assistant Professor at Rutgers University-Newark, School of Criminal Justice. When not podcasting, Sarah studies law, crime, and technology.
Kyle Green PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the College at Brockport, State University of New York, Department of Sociology. When not podcasting, Kyle studies culture, sport, and the body.