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This week on The Society Pages, we tackled drug addiction and harm reduction, body image and stigma, Twitter as a public forum for shaming, marriage equality and health, and the thin line between The Bachelor‘s Juan Pablo and Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson. Plus much more (as always)!

There’s Research on That:

Is Saturday Night Live ‘Ready’ for Diversity?” by Jacqui Frost. Suggesting research on how SNL’s lack of cast diversity points to a larger problem of representation in the media.

Citings and Sightings:

Un-Tying the Knot,” by Erin Hoekstra. Divorce: what’s religion got to do with it?

The Persistence of the Second Shift,” by Kat Albrecht. Men and women may be working a similar amount of hours, the workload still isn’t the same. Here’s why.

Public Criminology:

Productive Addicts and Harm Reduction” by Chris Uggen.

Scholars Strategy Network:

Why Same-Sex Marriage is Important for Good Health” by Gilbert Gonzales.

Community Dialogue Forums as a Route to Shared Democratic Governance” by Ronald J. McAllister.

In Case You Missed It:

What Happens to Olympics Infrastructure?” by Gwen Sharp. With tonight’s Olympics Winter Games opening ceremony in Sochi, Russia, we’re wondering: what happens when the crowds have gone?

A Few from our Community Pages:


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