New & Noteworthy

Caroline Garland’s latest Discovery, How UN Requirements Create Problems for Delegations from Developing Nations, highlights work by Danielle Falzon on how developing countries are at a disadvantage compared to nations with more resources. High expectations can lead some of the developing countries’ delegates underslept, hungry, and overworked.

From the Archives

Abortion headlines continue to frequent headlines, learn more about some of the impacts of abortion restrictions by reading contexts, abortion restrictions are harmful to everyone.

Alexei Navalny, a Putin critic, went missing from prison. Check out the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies‘ piece, Unpacking the Charges Against Putin for reading up on some of his violations of human rights.

Backstage with TSP

The TSP team met Sunday at a bowling alley to celebrate another year of hard work by the board! We had a blast spending non-work time together and were able to recognize some great work over the last year. When we come back together after the holiday break, we will be welcoming several new board members (it’s going to be a packed board room!).

More from our Partners & Community Pages

Contexts has a new video to watch with Dr. Ashley Rondini and Dr. Jerry Saunders II on cancer prevention guidelines, which predominantly are tailored towards people with ‘fair’ skin types.

First Publics‘s latest includes Ellen T. Meiser’s Rethinking Service-learning to be More Public and Creative, on the role of higher education students’ roles in local institutions.