New and Noteworthy

Ellie Nickel wrote up recent research from Patrick Sheehan on the surprising appeal of perpetually unemployed career coaches who rely on emotional connections with job-seeking clients in the absence of formal credentials.

Worth a (Listen) Sociologically Speaking

Sociologist Lisa Hajjar discussed her new book investigating the long legal fight against torture and its legacy with radio station KFPA.

Citings and Sightings

The New York Times spoke with sociologists Christina Gibson-Davis and Jeffrey Alexander about how shifts in attitudes towards pregnancy and marriage may have contributed to a rise in mid-pregnancy weddings.

More from our Partner and Community Pages

Contexts‘ blog shared a teaching exercise, and Q&A with co-author DeAnna Y. Smith, to help bring their Winter 2023 feature “Child Removal Fears and Black Mothers’ Medical Decision-Making” to the classroom.

The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies’ blog shared a Q&A with Joachim Salvesberg on the International Criminal Courts’ release of arrest warrants for Vladimir Putin and Maria Lvova-Belova related to the forced transfer of Ukrainian children to Russia.

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