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Best of 2022

We can’t stop thinking about this piece from new board member Leonardo LaBarre, voted one of our “Best of 2022.” Check out his write-up of research from Dylan Jackson & colleagues showing that kids who are expelled or suspended from school experience earlier and more frequent police encounters.

Citings and Sightings

For Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday, Hajar Yazdiha spoke with Axios about how emphasis on King’s I Have a Dream speech entrenches colorblind views that deny systemic inequality, and shapes public memory of the civil rights movement.

Backstage with TSP

Today our spring semester kicks off! We’re excited to reunite and welcome a few new board members. I, for one, am feeling energized and ready to tackle some new projects we have in the works and dive back into our regular schedule of meetings, editing, and posting. Every new semester brings fresh faces and challenges, we look forward to what’s ahead.

From the Archives

This week, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced she will step down. Ardern was the country’s first leader to give birth while in office. Checkout this roundup of research on the challenges working mothers face giving some context to why Ardern might not feel she has “enough in the tank” for another term.

From Our Partner & Community Pages

As Contexts touches down at the University of British Columbia, they spoke with Dr. Ethan Raker about what he loves about the magazine and it’s public-facing mission.

Daniel L. Carlson and Richard J. Petts wrote for Council on Contemporary Families’ on their new research demonstrating the pandemic’s mixed-effects on gender inequality.

Last Week’s Roundup

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