New and Noteworthy

Council on Contemporary Families’ blog re-printed Arielle Kuperberg and Pamela Stone on their new research that shows that representations of stay-at-home fathers have gotten more positive, but only for some dads.

Worth a Read (Sociologically Speaking)

Check out this piece from Tyler Leeds in the Berkeley Journal of Sociology on the “Unthinkable Path Forward for American Journalism,” drawing on both social science research and personal experience.

Backstage with TSP

This week we’re talking podcasts! It’s been a few years since we’ve put out an Office Hours podcast. We’re excited to think about what the future of TSP produced podcasts might be. Some of our new undergraduate board members are really excited about getting involved in pocast-ing. We’re not sure how this will shake out just yet but are looking forward to getting the conversation going again.

From the Archives

With news that Hurricane Ian has hit coastal communities in the United States hard, check out our write up of Junia Howell and James Elliot‘s work on “Disaster Relief’s Unequal Aid”

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