New and Noteworthy

Board member Mason Jones wrote up research from Hope Harvey on the ways that doubling-up (sharing households with friends and family members) challenges mothers’ identities.

Worth a Read (Sociologically Speaking)

Check out the re-launch statement (!!!!) from our partner the Berkeley Journal of Sociology. It’s been exciting to be in conversation with Tiffany Hamidjaja, Janna Huang, and Elena Amaya over the past year as they worked towards the relaunch, articulated their vision for the next generation of public sociology, and solicited and published contributions. Look here and on our twitter for more coverage of BJS’s important pieces in the coming months!

Backstage with TSP

We’re moving offices here in Minnesota. The shuffling around and organization has us reminiscing about how much we’ve accomplished during the past ten years from where we’ve come from (lots of great Contexts issues from the Hartmann/Uggen days) and who has helped us get there (while we peruse books left behind by the great Evan Stewart). Exciting things to come (like better space for collaboration)!

From the Archives

As record heat waves wash across Europe, bringing along wild fires, check out this piece from TSP alum (and new assistant professor!) Nick Matthews about the challenges firefighters face. A recent Contexts piece from David Burley on using sociology to teach students to fight against climate change is also a relevant read.

More from Our Partner and Community Pages

Alan Martino wrote for partner Council on Contemporary Families on his research on the romantic and sexual experiences of queer disabled people.