New and Noteworthy

Board member Mason Jones wrote up research from John Leverso and Chris Hess on how Chicago gang members’ relationship to masculinity changes as they age.

Worth a Read (Sociologically Speaking)

Jamie L. Small wrote for the Conversation on her research about boys, sexual assault, and sports. She found that communities and perpetrators struggled to grasp the severity of the sexual assaults, particularly as it threatened the presumed heterosexuality of those involved as well as the community’s reputation.

Backstage with TSP

Last week we continued our exploration of social science writing with a guest: Dr. Michael Walker. Dr. Walker’s new book, Indefinite: Doing Time in Jail, uses different narrative voices, rich description, and emotion to help the reader understand the rhythms and patterns of life in jail. We spoke with Dr. Walker about how to use field notes in the process of writing, finding supportive readers for works-in-progress, and navigating credibility and vulnerability when writing ethnography. We enjoyed having Dr. Walker in and his visit left us thinking about how to incorporate coverage of long-form qualitative writing on the site. If you have ideas, let us know at!

More from Our Partner and Community Pages

Eliza Brown wrote about the “chore” of having sex to conceive and the gendered labor involved for women for Council on Contemporary Families’ blog.

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