Fall is in the air here in Minnesota, and we’re bringing you sociological reads as refreshing as the autumn breeze.

New and Noteworthy

This week we covered new research by Tabitha Wright that shows that first-generation students experience more stressors, but not more depression, during college.

Worth a Read (Sociologically Speaking)

Over at our partner, Contexts, Angela Jones writes on how the political debate on sexual commerce in the United States has relied less on social scientific evidence than it has on emotion, threatening public health and safety.

Sighting and Citings

Our colleague Penny Edgell and Wendy Cage reflected on what Harvard’s new humanist chaplain shows about atheism in America over at the Conversation.

Backstage with TSP

Last week the editor’s of the Berkeley Journal of Sociology joined us for our board meeting. With our board of undergrads and grads, and their graduate student leaders, we wondered what public sociology will mean for the next generation of scholars. It was an exciting and inspiring meeting, full of promise that young scholars will continue to expand the boundaries of public soc.

Last Week’s Roundup

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