Hello! This week we’ve got social science research on queer criminal activity, gender lines at the Olympics, and choosing a child-free life.

There’s Research on That!:

‘Queering’ Criminality and Victimization,” by Caity Curry. We review recent research on queer criminal activity to move beyond one-sided depictions of LGBT people as solely victims of hate crimes.


Affirming Gender Lines in the Olympics,” by Allison Nobles. The New York Times talks with Madeleine Pape about the recent ruling that female track athletes with naturally elevated levels of testosterone must reduce these hormones before they can participate in certain races at major competitions.

From Our Partners:


The Economics of Migration,” by  Jonathan Portes.

Council on Contemporary Families:

More People Than Ever Aren’t Having Babies. And They’re Doing Just Fine,” by Amy Blackstone.

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