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Commemorating 50 Years Since the Voting Rights Act… By Restricting Voting Rights,” Ryan D. King and Vincent Roscigno. How landmark legislation is being eroded, to the detriment of participatory democracy.

There’s Research on That!

A Hate Crime By Any Other Name,” Ryan Larson. Whether we call a domestic attack a hate crime or terrorism has implications for and is shaped by public perception.

Social Boundaries and Music Streaming,” Evan Stewart. By TROT-ifying Spotify data, we see how musical preferences are reinforced and reshaped.


Why Do Liberals Drink Lattes?” by Jack Delehanty. In the American Journal of Sociology, Daniel Dellaposta, Yongren Shi, and Michael Macy work to detangle cultural and political preferences.

Suicide as Socially Contagious,” by Jacqui Frost. New Journal of Health and Social Behavior research shows how suicide may seem to “spread” among adolescents.

Office Hours Podcast:

Erik Schneiderhan on The Size of Others’ Burdens,” with Matt Gunther. University of Toronto sociologist Schneiderhan discusses his new book, paralleling the work, lives, and politics of Barack Obama and Jane Addams.


3 in 5 Americans Have Earned Poverty-Level Incomes,” by Caty Taborda. Thomas Hirschl and Mark Rank’s recent research predicts a spike in Top Ramen sales.

It’s Good, But Is It ‘Bestseller’ Good?” by Neeraj Rajasekar. Brandeis sociologist Laura Miller on one very important sticker.

Loves Me Not: Allison Pugh on New Relationships… with the Job Market,” by Sarah Catherine Billups. In a precarious economy, workers expect less from their employers.

Scholars’ Strategy Network:

The Challenge of Measuring ‘Working Poverty’ in America,” by Brian C. Thiede, Daniel T. Lichter, and Scott R. Sanders.

Disabled American Workers Need Ongoing Social Support As Well As Jobs and Fair Wages,” by Gwendolyn Barnhart.

How the Americans with Disabilities Act Has Affected Employment and Earnings for People with Disabilities,” by David Pettinicchio.

Council on Contemporary Families:

The Complexities of Interpreting Changing Household Patterns,” by Liana C. Sayer.

Overwork May Explain 10% of Men’s Wage Advantage Over Women,” by Youngjoo Cha.


Women’s Sexual Orientation and Sexual Behavior: How Well Do They Match?” by Mónica L. Caudillo and Paula England.

Quicklit: Whiteness in the U.S.,” by Melissa Brown.

Contexts Symposium: After Marriage Equality,” with Andrew Cherlin, Suzanna Danuta Waters, Joshua Gamson, and more.

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