RU042114Sometimes, it turns out to be Monday.

But there’s still great stuff to read from last week!

Office Hours:

Matt Wray on the ‘Suicide Belt’,” with Scott DeMuth. A podcast on the wide swath of the Western U.S. where suicides cluster.

There’s Research on That:

On Heartbleed and Hackers,” by Evan Stewart. What sociologists know about the subcultures and criminal habitus of the hacker.

Citings & Sightings:

Young Girls Consider Sexual Violence Normal,” by Kat Albrecht. #EverydaySexism in full effect.

Movin’ On Up?” by John Ziegler. More results from projects like the Moving to Opportunity experiment in Baltimore show counseling is crucial to the “opportunity” portion of the move.

Reading List:

Moving to Mental Health Opportunities,” by Amy August. Kismet! More research shows the mental health of women in the Moving to Opportunity experiment improved over time!

The Editors’ Desk:

Tax Time Sociology,” by Doug Hartmann. Three great works on capitalism and society help Doug procrastinate on filing.

Scholars Strategy Network:

How Mass Incarceration Undermines America’s Democratic Way of Life,” by Glenn C. Loury.

So Far, Divergent Paths for Health Reform in New England,” by Amy Fried.

A Few from the Community Pages:

Last Week’s Roundup

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