RU120613This week we played around with #socgreetings, got excited to see movers and shakers talking about the We Are All Criminals project, and mourned rabble-rousing change-maker Nelson Mandela while hoping those he inspired would continue bending the arc of history… and society. Here’s what else we got up to.

Office Hours:

Emily Baxter on We Are All Criminals,” with Kyle Green. A photo project highlights what criminals and non-criminals share (hint: it’s often “having committed crimes”).


Mass Violence and the Media, with Michael Kimmel, Melissa Thompson, and Victor M. Rios,” by Jacqui Frost and Stephen Suh. Framing and blaming, what a combo!

Citings & Sightings:

4.0 in School Violence,” by Kat Albrecht and Andrew Wiebe. Fights in the halls? Watch the standardized test scores drop. Don’t worry, GPAs are safe.

Reading List:

Love and (non)Marriage,” by Rahsaan Mahadeo. The late Tim Ortyl’s latest research on long-term cohabitating couples.

There’s Research on That!:

Sport and Masculinity,” by Suzy McElrath.

Muslim American Superheroes,” by Stephen Suh.

A Shift in Jewish Identity,” by Jacqui Frost.

Olympic Flame Relay Goes Lunar,” by Amy August.

A Few from the Community Pages:

Scholars Strategy Network:

Fifty Years After the War on Poverty, the Safety Net for America’s Families With Children is Frayed.”

Convincing Evidence That States Aim to Suppress Minority Voting.”

Albert Hirschman — A Life of Courage and Creativity in the Service of Progressive Possibility.”

Understanding Human Trafficking in the Hawaiian Islands.”