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The Editors’ Desk:

Sociology in Retired Football Player’s Past,” by Doug Hartmann. He makes it sound so sordid!

There’s Research on That!

Olympic Flame Relay Goes Lunar,” by Amy August. Transnational ritual lifts off.

Texas Abortion Restrictions Take Effect,” by Jacqui Frost. New laws change the mechanics, but not the incidence, of abortion.

Citings & Sightings:

Redesigning Work to Find Balance,” by Erin Hoekstra. U of M sociologists tell the Huffington Post that flexibility increases productivity—they’ve got the research to prove it.

Angry White Men and Aggrieved Entitlement,” by John Ziegler. Michael Kimmel on the defenses that go up when unrecognized privilege is challenged. The Real World: White Male America.

Libraries, Coffee Shops, and Natural Disasters,” by Molly Goin. Eric Klinenberg on civic spaces and disaster response.

A Few from the Community Pages:

Scholars Strategy Network:

Are Job Training Programs a Good Way to Fight Poverty?” by Harry Holzer.

The Value of Providing Continued Healthcare to People Leaving America’s Prisons,” by Emily Wang.