Our snazzy new book!
Our snazzy new book!  Published by W.W. Norton & Co. 

The TSP offices were buzzing with excitement this week, as our second book project—Crime and the Punished—finally arrived! This engaging (and dare I say adorably pocket-sized) volume provides some much-needed sociological insight on crime and punishment in a critical and expansive way.

And that’s not all that has us excited (and potentially over-using exclamation points) this week. Check out some highlights below!

Editors’ Desk:

There’s Research on That!” by Chris Uggen, unveiled the newest TSP initiative (drum roll, please), There’s Research on That! Navigating the world of research is hard, and that’s assuming reporters have the funds to get past pay walls. There’s Research on That! hopes to overcome some of these issues by providing short summaries of social scientific studies that shed light on current events.

There’s Research on That!:

New Pope’s Politics,” by Evan Stuart, suggests a number of articles about shifting views on religion, as well as other shifts within the Catholic Church.

Loosen the Leash on Lenders?” by Evan Stuart, highlights sociologists who weighed in on what led to the 2008 housing crash.

Citings & Sightings:

The two newest additions to TSP’s team, undergrad interns Molly Goin and Kat Albrecht, summarized recent citings of social scientists in the news.

You Want Fries with That,” by Molly Goin, weaves together research that discusses both the decline in American unions and a potential shift in this trend, marked by the recent walk-outs by fast-food workers.

Unique Families, Not So Unique,” by Kat Albrecht, considers differences in the living arrangements of American youth.

And Last But Not Least, A Few From Our Community Pages:

Sociological Images: Lisa Wade on “Who is An American: Racist Twits and the Rest of Us

Cyborgology: PJ Rey on “Rape Culture, Content, and ‘Grabbing 100+ Boobs at Burning Man 2013’”

Girl w/Pen: Adina Nack on “What Can Testicles Tell Us About Dads?

Sociology Lens: B. Schaefer on “Classification and the NSA: The Power of Silence

Thick Culture: Andrew Lindner on “Why It’s Called ‘Obamacare‘”

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