RU050313Turn, Turn, Turn

Well, it seems to be winter again in Minnesota. It snowed last week about this time, then we had a day of spring, followed by two 80-degrees-and-sunny days, a rainy couple, and now, we’re back to winter. Two-day seasons, and the leaves couldn’t bud fast enough to change colors. You can imagine how we might get a bit down with this Seasonal ADD.

But then something awesome happened: this week marked the addition of the fine feminist blog Girl w/ Pen to our roster of illustrious “Community Pages”! Please do go visit their new digs and start reading. We got so distracted ourselves that the roundup is quite quick!

The Editors’ Desk

Welcoming Girl w/ Pen to TSP!” by Chris Uggen. In which we expand our global empire (yes, we enjoy hyperbole. Why do you ask?).

President Obama on NSF and the Social Sciences,” by Chris Uggen. In which all the bad news about federal funding is infiltrated by a wee ray of light. Some might call it hope.

Office Hours

Catherine Squires on Race and the Media,” by Rahsaan Mahadeo. In which the author of “Coloring in the Bubble: Perspectives from Black-Oriented Media on the (Latest) Economic Disaster” joins in on our podcast.

Reading List

Stepping Stones or Dead Ends?” by Erin Hoekstra. In which a scholar checks out mobility and “brown-collar” jobs.

Teaching TSP

Welcome Girl w/ Pen!” by Hollie Nyseth Brehm. In which Brehm shows off some of the teaching resources available to readers of our latest Community Page.

A Few from the Community Pages

Scholars Strategy Network

The Tea Party and the Revival of Paranoia in U.S. Politics,” by Christopher S. Parker. Who’s paranoid? I’m not paranoid. Why are you looking at me like that? Big government.

What Research Tells Us about Living a Productive and Satisfying Old Age,” by Lenard W. Kaye. Eat your vegetables and exercise? Dammit!