Hello reader! This week Nathan continues his epic journey across the country, and I continue babysitting In Their Words.

BuzzFeed, in all its listicle glory, reimagined and repurposed for a black audience

The hive has become a swarm. It’s diffuse, powerful, and all around you

This particular dark corner of the web was never merely content to stay in its corner; its members ventured out

Strong opinions were prevalent and as a result more people hit the unfriend and block buttons in any day in Facebook’s history

Legally, this was self-defense. The law is a racist technology

If there’s any silver lining to this story it’s the fact that I encountered many more people deriding the meme than participating in it

Yeah! Shouldn’t you be FROM America!? Like, sorry, New York City just doesn’t cut it

The Internet, she explains, is for getting to the next level on Candy Crush Saga, not for getting information

From profile pics and bios, blog posts and tweets, simple HR reconnaissance can glean tons of off-limits information

But one doesn’t need the content to reveal the full extent of what sort of communication is taking place

the key final step that will allow the agency to collect and store massive amounts of data on United States citizens

Being able to record and analyze what’s not done in addition to what’s done makes it possible to explore and exploit human behavior in ways that approach the level of quantum mechanics

we should think twice before making a one-to-one comparison between cookies and cameras

The high-risk teams shift the burden of being surveilled from the victim to the abuser

Photography is very simple, it’s very basic. It brings us back to the cave

when does our software quietly choose not to help us?

If noise is so sickening to privileged constitutions, I wonder what this means for the political possibilities of new types of industrial music

You can’t obtain indulgences like getting a coffee from a vending machine

Am I fetishizing the ephemeral, the present, the current moment?




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image credit: nathan jurgenson
(image credit: nathan jurgenson)