Hello Reader! In support of Nathan’s Epic Roadtrip (we all know how I feel about Epic Roadtrips), I’ll be minding In Their Words for the next few weeks. Enjoy!

“Why do we prefer to see a brown man forcibly rape a white woman, rather than romance her?”

“People shouted at the police… [in] the footage, you can hear the whole BART car shouting at what they were seeing”

“looped & unlooped short videos aren’t just different types of the same form, but different forms altogether”

“Vine videos have become their own six-second art form, but they are also increasingly being used to tell a data-driven story “

“WikiLeaks provides a solution for how network journalism can stabilize leak-based investigative journalism in the face of diminishing newsroom” [pdf]

“the liberty of the press is the right of the lonely pamphleteer with a mimeograph [and] the metropolitan press with the latest technologies” [pdf]

“Silicon Valley is ‘starting to come into a realization of our own power” in politics’” 

“If Yahoo succeeds in unsealing some of the court files, legal experts say, it would be a historic development and an important step toward illuminating the arguments behind the controversial Internet surveillance program known as Prism”

“having a woman at the helm could have other benefits for the notoriously sexist gaming industry”

“people were concern trolling about this statue’s health. and saying it (the STATUE) got fat from being lazy”

“what that means is there is nothing special about us, and we can never shut up about it”

“guerrilla tactics won’t work for everyone, but …sex workers have few other options if they want to protect themselves”

“There are two main factors that drive the continued proliferation of unsafe sex toys: greed and shame”

“a cross between a Concorde, a rail gun, and an air hockey table”

“Yep, he actually named his daughter ‘Facebook'”

It’s not uncommon for hikikomori to hole up in a kitchen. The parents will sometimes construct a new one”

“he photographs family members and then cuts them side by side to create one portrait”


@pjrey's "Cyborgology Edition" of the xkcd classic

Image credit: @pjrey‘s “Cyborgology Edition” of the xkcd classic

Image credit: Bradley Manning Support Network
Image credit: Bradley Manning Support Network


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Image credit: unknown