Facebook has certainly taken notice of the desire for impermanence

It’s interesting that we now create things specifically to forget

networks can be far more tyrannical, opaque, and anti-democratic than hierarchies

Snapchat subverts the affordances of networked publics…the technology now—not the recipient—is the trusted object

using the magic word “MOOC,” the privatization disappears in a puff of euphemism. We are instead “expanding access”

Just as CafePress can sell you a customized T-Shirt, why shouldn’t OKCupid aspire to sell you a customized partner?

use online connectivity not to try to define ourselves perfectly but to undo ourselves over and over

social media seem to intersect interpersonal sociality and corporate monetization

they all took snapshots and movies of each other out of fear of experiencing the meaninglessness of their existence

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