To the photographer, this was simply a beating, not this particular man suffering

This glitch is a correction to the “machine”, and, in turn, a positive departure

If we perfect online dating, we won’t need robot lovers because the dating platform will roboticize us

I don’t think Google News has ever taken enough responsibility for the cybernetics of the system it created

Inbox Zero is a coping mechanism for the anxiety created by a constant flux of e-mail

the cybertheorists, however, are a peculiarly corporatist species of the Leninist class

The internet is a real place. It’s where I live, my public space. I don’t like feeling that I can’t go there without fear of violence

the first episode of a late-night TV program to see an artist engaging the crowd with a participatory smart-phone app

I’m tired, technoutopianism. I’m tired of your sexy, shiny surface and your utter lack of substance

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