Best GIF – Drama

tablets aren’t a new medium which will support a whole new class of publications

We live for the moment because the moment is what an image captures

Social media is a major development in the creation and delivery of propaganda

to lose a cell phone would be to induce a state of partial amnesia

Hyper-visibility and invisibility are not mutually exclusive

the image may be the most-shared item in the eight-year history of Facebook

unboxing videos are maybe the exact opposite of ASMR videos

I happen to love Instagram because I’m mildly creative and a terrible picture taker

The top decision maker at YouTube has more censorship power than any Supreme Court justice

We make ourselves protagonists and build a world in which to live and act

your steward through the wonderfully esoteric world of antique eBook collecting

The internet has made me feel like I need to know and name the important stuff the instant I see it

Few techno-utopias are as confusing as this one

Your Cell Phone Could Soon Become Part of a Massive Earthquake Detection System

The key difference between academics and venture capitalists, in fact, is not closed versus open but evidence versus speculation

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