the Amish are paradigmatically modern in that they have made the need to think about technology a defining feature of their culture

humans tweeting about watching a humanmade satellite watch a humanmade rover descend on Mars

he also showed a prototype robot armpit that’s humanlike as all-get-out

only a white man would believe that the online literary culture suffers from too much niceness

emergent, digital and participatory technologies are vital for the endurance rather than demise of libraries

When “on vacation” from social media, people bask in their freedom from virtual performance

Social media promises a society in which anyone can and probably should investigate anyone

We become so focused on the connections, at the relations between human and nonhuman nodes, that we forget that a node can be a hungry child

And with only a few wires, these machines, these cameras can be made to dream

Artificial Intelligence meets human intelligence, and the human gets to sort things out

OMG it’s the end of the world: K-mart shoppers and people of color found Twitter

In an era of ectoplasm & ghost photography, the spirituality of machines seemed logical & exciting

One-Dimensional man made to look three dimensional in two dimensions

I haven’t opened up Instapaper in weeks. I’m scared to look

they felt meaningless unless they were being observed