Just some of my favorite quotes from what I read this past week on tech&society:

there’s blood dripped from fast-clouding retinas onto all of our computer chips

Why is it that, unlike buildings, old websites never have any prestige?

What is lost when we’re building a social Web that only caters to a select few options in the vast, vast catalog of human emotions?

society’s farcical inability to accept the fluidity of a new paradigm. A paradigm represented by technologies it is constantly told are disruptive and fractious

Do templated spaces of identity construction necessarily do violence to experience?

using social media the same way a rat in the maze “uses” the scientists to get cheese

 There is rarely any point speaking of [the Web] as if it was separate from the rest of the world – which is a cyberspace too

will [drones] deliver through technology the “post-gender world” Donna Haraway describes in her “Cyborg Manifesto”?

How does the documentation of my life change my experience of my present and my imagination of my future?

Our idea of “nature” owes something to the advance of technology

now the novelty isn’t being online, it’s being offline

Friendship’s path,” a 1937 AT&T ad declared, “often follows the trail of the telephone wire.

what’s the point of doing something awesome if you can’t brag about it online?

Kids don’t as deeply distinguish between online & offline bullying

anything that you see in the real world needs to be in our database