Picture of the week comes from David Banks. FourSquare and Occupy at that critical intersection of the digital and physical.

This week at Cyborgology…

Nathan Jurgenson’s photo-theory essay on the new Lytro so-called “living picture” technology and what it means for potentially more interactive social media objects

Guest author Gene Morrow disagrees with PJ Rey a bit and argues that Occupy cannot hibernate indoors this winter but instead needs a home in physical space

Sarah Wanenchak is welcomed on board as the newest member of the Cyborgology blog and writes a short essay linking the Occupy movement to the 1848 revolutions in Europe

Jenny Davis looks at social ties and Facebook, from the weak to close connections, from the global to the local

PJ Rey provides an essay on Cyberpunk with a critical eye towards the role of the Ayn Randian rugged individualism but embracing the Cyberpunk ethos of being at once deeply interested in as well as highly critical of technology and society

David Banks begins his project of applying “augmented reality” theory to other theories of technology by writing about and critiquing Actor Network Theory

David Strohecker round the week out with a look at Britain’s “safe text street” as it deals with our increasingly augmented reality