Just gotta find the gold one… Photo by takingthemoney via flickr.com


We’re happy to announce the media award winners for September and October!

September: “Why Surveys Should Pay Attention to Prisoners,” Carl Bialik, Wall Street Journal.

In her write-up of the article, TSP’s Sarah Shannon reminds us that much of the young, African-American male population in the United States is incarcerated and thus unaccounted for in national surveys.  

October:Tracing the Link Between Single Moms and Gun Violence,” Belinda Luscombe, Time Health & Family.

As the Citing explains, Luscombe uses social scientific research to weigh in on a current issue and show that the link between single moms and gun violence is tenuous, to say the least.

 As we’ve said before, the choice of each month’s TSP Media Award is neither scientific nor exhaustive, but we do work hard to winnow our favorite nominees.  And, while we don’t have the deep pocketbooks to offer enormous trophies or cash prizes, we hope our informal award offers cheer and encouragement for journalists and social scientists to keep up the important (if not always rewarding) work of bringing academic knowledge to the broader public.