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Orit Avishai on Women and Religion

Orit Avishai talks about her Fall 2010 Contexts article, Women of God. People often assume that conservative religions are bad for women, but Avishai shows us the ways in which women within fundamentalist religions can have empowering experiences as well.

(The audio quality’s pretty rough on the interview this time — sorry about that!)

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Intergenerational Community

Eric Utne, founder of the Utne Reader, phones into Contexts HQ to discuss his work on building intergenerational communities. Topics include a history of the Utne Reader and the shape of communities in modern society.

Also, Jon shares a discovery on religiosity and abortion.

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Lessons from Turkey on Religion and Globalization

This week, Jeffrey Dixon talks Turkey, Islam and the EU. What can the debate about Turkey joining the EU tell us about religion, democracy and globalization? Listen in and find out!

But first, Hollie Nyseth shares a discovery about how mothers’ community participation affects their child’s health.

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Genes, Behavior and Science

This episode we take a break from talking to all of these sociologists and talk to a psychologist instead: Thomas Bouchard, Director of the Minnesota Center for Twin and Adoption Research. Bouchard is a strong advocate of bridging the biological and social sciences (ahem, behavioral sciences), and is a strong critic of sociology’s traditional failure to participate in this effort. Given the recent AJS Special Issue on genetics and social structure, as well as our Summer 2009 feature on the topic, we thought it’d be fun to share some of this work with Bouchard and sit down to hear his thoughts on genetics, science and the relationship between psychology and sociology.

Also, Shannon Golden shares a discovery on the religiosity of American professors.

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Muslims in America PDF

As a quick followup to this week’s interview with Jen’nan Read, and because we’re making her article, Muslims in America, freely available online at thesocietypages.org, I thought I’d drop the PDF version of Read’s article into the podcast feed.

I’m not sure how people feel about getting PDF’s in their podcast feeds, so leave a comment if you like/dislike the practice and we’ll continue accordingly.