Here is our holiday edition (number three) of ThickPod, just in time for the holidays. In this episode, Russell explains the difference between translucent and transparent, Jose blanks out on Jam on It by Newcleus at a critical point in the podcast (wiki, wiki, wiki, wiki), Don discuses ObamaGirl, Ken manages to throw in a Judith Butler reference, and PanoptiCat watches over all.


The posts referenced in this podcast are as follows:

Giving Thanks 2008 by Russell Stockard
Early Exploration of Political Communication in the Election by Don Waisenan
Wiki Transparency by Ken Kambara
Change we can Comment On, by Jose Marichal

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Happy holidays!

In our second installment of ThickPod, Ken, Don and I muse about the sociopolitical significance of LOLCats, I thoroughly impress Don by showing him that I know who Marshall McCluhan is and Ken breaks out some Latin. Here are the posts we discuss in the podcast:

Ken – The Web 2.0 Election

Don – Facebook, Mass Interpersonal Persuasion, and the Public Sphere

Jose – Aren’t we the Change We’ve Been Waiting For?

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Click here to join our foray into the wide world of pod. In this podcast, four of our regular contributors here at California Lutheran University (Jose Marichal – Political Science, Ken Kambara – Marketing, Don Waisenan – Communication/Rhetoric, Russell Stockard – Communication/Cultural Studies) elaborate on some of our earlier posts. Below is a link to the three blog posts we reference in the podcast. I hope you find it a pleasant and intellectually stimulating auditory companion.

Palin’s Persuasion by Don Waisenan

Unlucky in Love, Lucky (in)Justice by Russell Stockard

Where did Race Go by Jose Marichal (unfortunately the recording cuts out in this middle of our discussion of this post)

We’d love to hear what you think.