Blogs are strange things. When you devote yourself to maintaining one consistently, you’re locked into the challenging process of “feeding a blog.” That means scheduling time to write and searching for things that are “blog-worthy.” Things like a digestible but informative graph, a passage from a book I’m reading from a research project, etc. This can be as daunting as simply writing a long expository essay about blogging (see what I did there).

But I’ve come to realize that my attitude towards the blog is consistent with my attitude towards my classroom (maybe my parenting sometimes) — my job is to relieve boredom. It would seem to be necessary in a blog. If I can’t make it interesting, they why read it? Same goes with the classroom, if I can’t make it interesting, why be engaged? True enough. But there is an element of “playing it safe” that seems to do blogger and reader no good. No exploration, no sense of play comes from relying on familiar tropes. We can all be entertained and remain relatively unchanged by the interaction.

So I pledge to you reader, I will try harder to not reflexively seek to relieve your boredom