Click here for a slideshow off all the alcoholic drinks a man “shouldn’t” order and an explanation for why.

Illustrates quite nicely how severely men are restricted by the privileging of masculinity over femininity (men eschew femininity at all costs, women can do masculinity without much opprobrium, as long as they do a little femm too).

On the back it says “Formulated to turn 21 to 35 year olds into drunken, energized, sex freaks. –BottleWatch”

The back also has a silhouette of a woman holding a can of Four.

Click here for a fascinating 7 minute video in which a man interviews pro-life activists and asks: “If abortion was illegal, should women who have abortions go to jail?”

The Great Happiness Space is an amazing full-length documentary (available in full online) about “host” clubs in Japan. These clubs service women, mostly sex workers, who buy time with men (hosts, who also get a cut of all the money the women spend on alcohol) who pretend like they love them. The women establish long-term relationships with their hosts, spend sometimes 10s of thousands of dollars in a night, all to have the feeling that someone cares for them. So they earn tons of money giving sex to men and then they turn around and give that money back to men who give them affection (and sometimes sex). The hosts make between 10,000 and 50,000 a month. Also a great study in cross-cultural gender differences.

Ad Agency: Rempen & Partner, Duessldorf

I shot these pictures in Laguna Beach. They are mannequins purposefully made so as too look like they’ve had breast implants.

And here’s a close up:

Take a careful look at these two images (you may need to download them to see it). The first is from Cosmo, the second from Maxim. There is one incredibly subtle and important difference: the latter shows a nipple and the former does not. I’ll let you guess which one is in Playboy. This is a great example of how carefully advertisers are planning their images according to their audiences.