gender: masculinity

In this ad chewing Skoal provides a male bond that gets the guy out of a speeding ticket.

Here’s an article with a gun vendor talking about women wanting pretty guns.

NEW (Dec ’09)! Harvey tC. sent in this photo of a set of rifles for sale at Ace Hardware in Eau Claire:


Interestingly, when you google “pink gun,” one of the first sites that comes up is Pink Pistols, a gay/lesbian gun organization.

NEW (Jun. ’10)! Jillian took this snapshot of guns for sale at Academy Sports in Oklahoma City, OK:

These images are a 3-part ad for a Discovery channel reality show. The first page had the guy with his face being painted and says “Live like a tribesman.” The second page had him running and says “Train like a soldier.” And then, as you can see in the previous post, they show him wrestling with a black African “tribesman,” I guess. It appears this is a reality show where we see if a white guy can learn to be a primitive tribesman and show his superiority to the actual “tribesmen” (I’m not sure how I feel about that term).

I’ll leave it up to you to decide if “testees” is a pun.

From PostSecret this week:

Click here for a slideshow off all the alcoholic drinks a man “shouldn’t” order and an explanation for why.

Illustrates quite nicely how severely men are restricted by the privileging of masculinity over femininity (men eschew femininity at all costs, women can do masculinity without much opprobrium, as long as they do a little femm too).