economics: communism/socialism

I’m not exactly sure how these images could be used in the classroom (to talk about state promotion of the family? the social ills of alcohol? gendering alcoholism?), but I think they’re fascinating. I found them at the Museum of Anti-Alcohol Posters.

“Cause- drunkenness”

“No mercy for hooligans!”

“Alcohol: Pain of nature”


“Rich inner substance”

“Have mercy on your future child”

“This new dress becomes me well”

“Harmful to health, family and descendants”

“Vodka brings with it”


In this commercial a cadre of communist icons are gathered in a delapidated estate. Fidel Castro approaches Karl Marx and Che Guevara. Che says: “It’s time for a new revolution.” Karl says: “It’s about what people need.”

And the last line, according to googe translation German-English, says: “The first estate, which everyone can afford.”

A great example of something we’d NEVER see in the U.S.

Found here. Thanks to Miguel for the image and the translation!

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