This one, a pair with Gwen’s earlier contribution (here), actually takes a little decoding, and so might be useful to get discussion going in a classroom:

If parentheses = suppressed text, then these parentheses = suppressed speech and, of course, the best way to be liberated from suppression is Botox… not speaking your mind.

On Size:

On Lifespan:

From the National Center for Health Statistics; National Vital Statistics System; Dora Costa, MIT; Richard H. Steckel, Ohio State University; Center on the Economics and Demography of Aging. University of California, Berkeley.

This is one of the ads for “Tom Ford for Men”, a new cologne for men by Tom Ford.

Check out the extent to which the female model is objectified:

Some examples of image manipulation to add to a previous post.

This is from the material promoting Katie Couric’s now ended news anchor job:

Notice that Keira has larger breasts and a flatter stomach on the re-touched poster:

And here’s one that shows how they differently change men’s bodies (head shrunk, biceps enlarged):

This is what Roddick’s arms really look like (but you can google image him and find many many images in which he looks more like this than he does on the Men’s Health cover):

Also see this interactive website here.

NEW: Samantha J. sent in a link to Picture-Perfect, a gallery of images comparing real photos of celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson and Liv Tyler to Photoshopped images of them on magazine covers. Thanks, Samantha!

On the back it says “Formulated to turn 21 to 35 year olds into drunken, energized, sex freaks. –BottleWatch”

The back also has a silhouette of a woman holding a can of Four.

Ad Agency: Rempen & Partner, Duessldorf

I shot these pictures in Laguna Beach. They are mannequins purposefully made so as too look like they’ve had breast implants.

And here’s a close up: