Thanks to a tweet from sociologist Sarah Sobieraj, we learned of a powerful campaign to raise awareness about gender inequality from the arm of the United Nations dedicated to empowering women.  The designers of the ads did Google searches, allowing the auto-complete to fill in word stems with the most commonly searched phrases.  The results are eyebrow-raising.

I was curious to find out what my personal Google machine would spit out and, also, what the equivalent searches for men would return.  Below, I reproduce the ads, followed by my own results.  Eyebrow-raising.  As a bonus, I did the searches for feminists.



Screenshot_9 autocomplete-sexism1


Screenshot_10 autocomplete-sexism4


Screenshot_11 autocomplete-sexism3 Screenshot_12 Screenshot_8

I guess we still need feminism.  Unfortunately…

Screenshot_15 Screenshot_17 Screenshot_18 Screenshot_19Cross-posted at Talking Points Memo and Pacific Standard.

Lisa Wade, PhD is an Associate Professor at Tulane University. She is the author of American Hookup, a book about college sexual culture; a textbook about gender; and a forthcoming introductory text: Terrible Magnificent Sociology. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.